Roving Patrol

Your Safety and Security are Our Priority

ABEVA has a Roving Patrol contracted through AAA Smart Home. The Patrol drives through the entire Biltmore community, including all sub-associations. The guards respond to alarms, various calls; they watch for solicitors, open garage doors and gates, broken irrigation lines, suspicious or abandoned vehicles, and report parking issues in those communities that do not allow daytime or overnight street parking. Although no community is crime-free, we believe the vehicle acts as a deterrent to crime.

The shift hours: 24 Hours a day. - 7 days a week.

The number for the Roving Patrol is +1 (602) 369-4776. If you need yellow phone number stickers for your phones, please stop by the office, and we will provide these to you at no charge.

Important Information
Hours: 24/7
Phone: +1 (602) 369-4776